Although the eyes are one of the few resilient body parts, their location exposes them to the elements, including pokes, dust, and infections. While any of the elements can affect your eyesight, surgery can restore and improve your vision. The best part is that laser eye surgery is non-invasive and is often completed in a matter of minutes. However, eye surgery is still a surgical procedure; hence, post-operative care is vital. This article highlights essential post-eye surgery care tips.

Avoid Showers — Most eye surgeries are outpatient procedures, meaning you go back home the same day. Thus, you might be tempted to take a shower immediately you get home, especially after a long drive. There is nothing wrong with freshening up post-surgery, but you must be careful with showers. The reason is that tap water is not sterile. Therefore, if the water gets behind the bandage and into your freshly-operated eye, infections might ensue. Rather than a shower, consider taking a bath the first and second day since it is easier to protect your eye. You should also avoid a sauna and a steam room for the same reasons.

Avoid the Outdoors — Recovery from eye surgery does not take long. Therefore, you can be tempted to take a walk outside with unprotected eyes. As much as you feel like taking a walk around the neighbourhood, you should avoid the urge by all means. Walks expose an operated eye to dust and excess light, which can slow and prolong the recovery period. Moreover, too much light and dirt can cause an infection to reoccur, sending you back to an emergency room. Therefore, avoid the outdoors as much as possible during recovery and make sure you wear goggles. The goggles will keep dust and excess light from your eye.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes — One thing a surgeon will tell you is that your eyes will occasionally feel itchy post-surgery. While it is normal, you should not give in to the urge to rub your eye. Even if the bandage is off and you feel like your eyes are back to their best, rubbing them is the last thing you should do. Your hands carry a lot of bacteria; therefore, rubbing increases the risk of transferring germs into your eyes. When you feel itchy, the best thing to do is use a clean handkerchief to cover the eyes then rub gently.

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