Taking Kids to the Optometrist: Tips on Reaching Success

Subcapsular Cataracts In Diabetics: Prevention And Treatment

Diabetes is a disease with a wide range of symptoms and potential complications, and any diabetes sufferer knows that properly managing them is key to a longer and healthier life. Vision problems are a common problem associated with cases of diabetes, and one of the ways your eyes can be affected is by the development […]

Eye Floaters & Flashes Explained

When tiny retinal cells are shed from your eye, they can get stuck in the jellylike coating over your eye that protects it from environmental damage. These cells can interfere with your vision and cause you to see floaters or flashes that are harmless despite being uncomfortable, but floaters and flashes can also be a […]

Decoding Your Glasses Prescription

Have you ever looked at your optical prescription and wondered what it actually says about your eyes? The information on your prescription can be difficult to interpret, but once you understand the terms used by your optometrist you’ll be able to read your glasses prescription with ease. Your prescription is split into several sections and […]